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Apollo Capital Associates LLC is a Real Estate Asset-Management Company.  We buy, renovate and sell REO properties on behalf of our investors, primarily in the Southern California area.  Founded by a group of

experienced business consultants and real-estate professionals, Apollo was designed to help solve the current foreclosure crisis and help get vacant, neglected homes occupied by new homeowners who maintain their properties and bring life back into beleaguered communities.  Learn More


Managed REO Portfolio Investments

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High Returns for Mortgage Investors

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Purchase or Sell REO Packages

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Certified ComfortReady Homes

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Current News

Home sales post unexpected April increase

WASHINGTON -- Sales of new homes rose in April for the first time in six months, although the unexpected increase still left activity near the lowest level in 17 years.  

The Commerce Department reported that sales of new homes rose 3.3% in April to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 526,000.

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Home Buyers Start Your Engines
If you were thinking of buying a home, start looking.

The latest data from the housing market shows that sellers, after months and years in denial, are finally giving in to reality and slashing prices.

There is a distance still to go. There may even be a lot to go. But the process, long delayed, is now well underway.

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